Dreams That Boil My Blood

I had a dream, just a little while ago, just before Christmas. It was most vivid, horrifying, and real. So real, in fact, that I woke up mad! Now, it’s been a long time since I’ve been THIS mad! I was so mad that I got up out of bed and walked into my office. It was about 11:00 o’clock in the morning. Swede was coming through the door from running some errands and knew, instantly, that I was stirred up beyond just being upset.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Oh nothing,” I replied,  almost growling, “I just had a bad dream.”

“It must have been a pretty bad dream.” She noted, somewhat alarmed. It has been some time since she had seen me this angry. “What was it about?”

At first, I wouldn’t answer. But Swede, always the little bulldog that she is, wouldn’t quit. “What was your dream about?”

“I dreamed that you had found a boyfriend.” I said sadly.

Swede never checked up. “That’s a satanic attack! I rebuke that! In Jesus’ name I rebuke that!”

We sat down and discussed the dream, or what I could remember of it.

Right here and now, I want to make one thing perfectly clear. My wife has been, is, and (I believe) always will be, faithful to me. She is not having an affair nor do I suspect that she is having an affair. I have total confidence in her. There was a time she stood over a dead man in an Intensive Care Unit, declaring, believing, that he would live. The heart began to beat on its own. The lungs awakened and fought against the positive pressure of a ventilator. I did, in fact, come to life. Of all the people on this earth, I know that Swede has my back. There has never been an affair nor has there ever been the potential for any affair.

However, we agreed that is precisely what the ENEMY wanted me to think. Until she tells me different, that woman belongs to ME! Swede and I have been working very hard on this web site for about a month. Honestly, it’s beginning to generate a little interest. In fact, it has generated a lot more interest that either of us anticipated and in a lot less time than we expected. We thank God for that. All this is for HIM anyway. But it was our interpretation that Satan wanted to distract me by instilling some suspicion and distrust in me towards my wife. It was our belief that we were growing closer to God in doing this work and Satan wants it stopped. If he could plant a seed of doubt in one of us, perhaps, he could slow us down or make us abandon our project altogether. It was not to be! We agreed on it. We prayed over it. She gave me a sweet Swedish kiss and I went back to bed.

However, something was still weighing heavy on my mind. I still did not have complete peace.

A day passed. I was at my computer writing. I had stopped writing and started to pray for guidance when my spirit was overwhelmed. I realized that I had missed it. The dream. I had it all wrong.

I closed my eyes and the dream was played back in my mind just as vividly as if I were watching on a monitor or television screen. Here’s the dream. I have underlined the parts of the dream that I had not remembered. That which is not underlined is what I had remembered.

I was walking in a park and saw Swede sitting on a park bench in a pair of knee length shorts and a T-shirt, reading a book. I was supposed to meet her in the park to go for a walk. However, there is this man lying on the park bench with his head lying in Swede’s lap. Swede does not seem to realize his presence or that his head is in her lap. She’s just reading a book! I walk up and speak, non-too-gently, “Mister, you best get your head up off my woman’s lap!” The man grumbles, speaking all matter of vile filth that I’ll not repeat, and turns on the bench to get up. As he does so, he places his hand on Swede’s knee. The hand is rotten, filthy, worm infested and oozing blood. Still, Swede seems to be unaware that the man is on the bench with her, that his head is in her lap, or that his hand on her knee. Nor, was she aware of my presence for that matter!

By this time, I was in a full-blown rage. That’s the scary part! I scared my-self, the rage was so great. I kicked the man off the park bench and STOMPED him until he was dust in the dust! The cool part of it was, I stomped him with a pair of snake skin boots! (I like the irony of that. Stomping the devil in snake skin boots. Well played Holy Spirit!)

When the stomping was done, Swede noticed that I was there with her. “Hey honey,” she smiled, “ready to go?” She was completely unaware of the entire incident. 

Okay, that was the dream in its entirety, what I had remembered as well as what had been clouded and forgotten.

The meaning was very clear. There was no more room for interpretation, at least, not for me. The enemy was trying to attack me through my wife! I need to guard my wife more closely. The enemy is close to hand. I need to guard my household more closely. The enemy is seeking to invade my home. Now, I was MAD all over again! The cowardice of the enemy is appalling!

That means I am at WAR with an enemy who has already tried to KILL ME on more than one occasion! I take extreme exception to that. I’ll be hanged from a persimmon tree if I’m going to stand by and ignore any potential attack through my family or against my family! Oh no! He’ll not circumvent me and use my family to get to me! Oh, I’ll be praying. You can believe that! I’ll be digging deeper into God’s Word! Uh huh. I’ll be TEACHING the art of WAR to my family, preparing them for the enemy’s onslaught! You think I’m crazy? So be it! The stakes are too high for me to sit back and do nothing! I just finished a three-part series called, “Let Me Speak of War”. Have you read it? I suggest that you do.

I have identified the enemy. I have him in my crosshairs. I have the strategy, tactics, and resources to defeat the enemy. He is already defeated. The enemy doesn’t want YOU to know he’s defeated, but he is. I’ve fought many battles and I’ll continue to fight them. However, I’ve learned to fight from a victorious position. Have you?

Now let’s get back to that dream. The dream was a means of letting me know that I am responsible for covering my family. The enemy has already tried to kill me and God would not let me die. Now, I understand that if the devil can’t get to me, he’ll try to flank my position and attack through my family. I have ZERO tolerance for such cowardice! Did the enemy cloud my recollection of certain aspects of the dream to distort the truth, trying to place doubt and suspicion within me towards my wife? I believe so. No tactic is too subtle nor too brazen for the enemy.

Men, YOU are the leaders of your households, or you are supposed to be! I urge you to become MEN OF GOD! Identify the enemy! Make no mistake regarding the extent of harm that he wishes to inflict upon you or your family! Arm yourselves! Take a strategic position. Employ the tactics and resources available to you and stand firm, fearless in the faith that our God fights for you!

Oh, you can fight the battle in the arm of your flesh, but I don’t recommend it. The stakes are too high! The cost of winning the battle is too high to pay and you still lose the war!

Now, I could have been convinced that my wife was having an affair because of a clouded memory of a dream? No, I’d like to believe that I’m more mature in my faith than that, but some men could have been. Do I have any doubts or suspicions that my wife is unfaithful because of a dream? No. I do not. But some men would let their mind wander. That’s what the enemy wants. Doubt, suspicion, and mistrust are the seeds of destruction in relationships. If the enemy can plant those seed in the mind of a man or a woman and those seed sprout and take root, he wins. That is warfare in the spiritual realm with manifestation in the physical realm. Do not be deceived!

That’s just a subtle tactic that the devil uses to destroy relationships and marriages. Therefore, we need to identify the enemy, develop a strategic plan, employ our tactical maneuvers and trust in God’s resources. Believe me, Satan uses strategy and tactics! My wife recognized it, called it what it was, and rebuked it! We agreed, and we resisted what was intended to destroy us, and sent it packing in its unborn state! That’s the art of WAR! Our lives are much more at peace because we stand on a united front line.

It was a dream that made my blood boil. The thought of such a vile thing even being in my wife’s presence, much less actually TOUCHING her? Pardon me. I must go now. The mere thought alone stirs me to taste battle! I’m going to pray! I’m going to worship. I’m going to pray and worship the one, true, living, all knowing, ever present, all powerful God!! That’s how I fight my battles!

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