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Grasping God’s Word

Okay, this is a text book that I used while in seminary at Liberty University to study a method of Bible Study called “Inductive Bible Study”. While it is a college level book it is easily understood when the text is used in the step by step fashion in which it is presented.

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Chronological Life Application Study Bible NLT

My wife, Cheryl, recommends this study Bible in the New Living Translation which is presented in chronological order. Cheryl is a computer programmer and her analytical thinking processes are many times to the “far right” and heavily laden with logic. The Bible never really made any sense to Cheryl until she came across this chronological version.

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The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life is a must read and will transform your life in so many ways. This is perhaps the one book that turned it all around for me and my household several years ago. Robert Morris presents perhaps the most anointed message regarding the tithe. 

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The Stones Cry Out

Why is a book about archaeology important to the Christian? While archaeology is referred to as an empirical science or science supported with concrete evidence, nothing can be further from the truth! Archaeology, by nature, is a historical science which, in turn, coincides greatly with the historical accounts related in the Bible!

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About LJRM

I grew up in Northeast Louisiana in a very rural area five miles east of Kilbourne. I work as a Licensed Practical Nurse in a nursing home providing care for people with various forms of dementia. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Religion from Liberty University and I am an ordained Deacon at our church, The Gathering Church, in South Knoxville, TN. Additionally, I am an ordained Minister of the Gospel by the same more

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